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September 27th, 2007 Posted in Photos, Stef Ann Holm Blog by Stef Ann


Hi, thanks for visiting. I have a new look at my website and I hope you’ll enjoy looking around. On the ABOUT page there’s a photo of me and a fabulous woman. I thought I’d introduce her to you on my Blog. That’s Valerie Gray, my awesome editor. She’s so great to work with. That photo is of Val and I at RWA’s RITA awards in Dallas this past July. LUCY GETS HER LIFE BACK was a finalist. It was a lot of fun to attend the event with my editor and my husband.

  1. tarah says:

    I love the new look! Looks like you are having fun at the award show. :) Am I the first comment???

  2. Jane Squires says:

    Whow blog and My Space. My daughters have a My Space account but I am not ready. My youngest is 21 and my oldest is 26 – 27 next month.
    God Bless.

  3. Kathy K says:

    I loved LUCY GETS HER LIFE BACK and in fact I’ve loved all your books and I did some extensive back list hunting as well. Your contemporary stories are gems, each and every one, and I’m always excited when a new one is out… ’cause I’ve got to go get it! Keep on writing and thank you for the hours of enjoyment that I’ve had with a new Stef Ann Holm novel!!

  4. Gretchen says:

    Dear Stef Ann,
    I just finished All The Right Angle, what a great read. It had all the things I’m looking for in a novel. As a professional person, I could relate to this book in so many ways. Your tenderness, and the way you dealt with the heroines many demands were great. Thanks, I will be anxiouslly awaiting your next book!!

  5. Georgette says:

    Love the new look!! Hope your stepson is getting paid well??? Ha Ha!! Just kidding. My most favorite books, as I call them, are the 4-H books. Can you guess what that is?? I still think the 4-H books would make a great series. Oh well…I’ve always been a dreamer. God bless you.

  6. Millie says:

    I’ve loved all of your books, Stef. And you’re new site is just awesome…almost as good as your books. Keep ‘em coming!

  7. Pat L. says:

    I love the new look.

    Best wishes on your marriage – sure your honeymoon was great. My cousin is going to Italy next weekend I think.

    Will definitely be getting your new book – sounds great.

  8. Doreena Tompkins says:

    Hi Stef Ann,

    Can’t wait to read your new book! I went on Myspace just out of curiosity, to see if your step-son had posted your Myspace page yet. Boy!! You and your books are mentioned on there quite a bit by other members.
    I can’t wait to see your Myspace site when it is up and running.
    Congrats on your marriage, and as always good luck to you in your future endeavors.


  9. Tessa says:

    I love ALL of your latest comtemporary romance books!I have them all!!! Good luck with everything…and congratulations on the new marriage!…I can’t wait to get your new book. (I am absolutely glued to them)

  10. stefann says:


    My books are talked about on My Space? Really? I’ll have to figure out how I check that. We haven’t put my page up yet, but we will soon. I hope I’ll have some “Friends.” I’m going to make my daughters log in and be 2 of them. Oh, and I think by default “Tom” is my friend. Is he real?!

  11. stefann says:

    I’m glad eveyone is enjoying the new site. Thanks for posting!

  12. Tina says:

    Hi Stef Ann,
    I have sent you a few emails lately. It delights me to get a direct response from you. What a great lady you are. Thanks to you and the Pink Moon, I have acquired a new hobby. I have collected all of your books and my goal is to finish them all. Im starting book number 13 –So Watch Me Go Girl.
    Thanks for Sharing your pictures with us, It seems Italy was perfect.


    Ps…get that myspace up and going — I am waiting Impatiently for that!! :)