The Sunday Weigh In On Monday

March 24th, 2008 Posted in Stef Ann Holm Blog by Stef Ann

Go figure . . . I’m down nine pounds.  Easter brunch must have evaporated in my stomach.  In any case, I kept thinking something was wrong with the scale when I read the number.  The battery did go out so I thought–ah-ha, that’s the problem.  But the new battery confirmed.  9 pounds lost to date since I started this challenge.  I’m probably at the halfway point so it’s an uphill battle.  Eating out is killer.  I did give up a glass of wine with dinner during the week.

In light of the fact I watch fat grams and not carbs, I thought this cartoon was funny. 


  1. Tarah says:

    Your brunch was amazing, I can’t believe you lost weight!!! :) Good job girl.

  2. Stef Ann says:

    Thanks, Tarah! As soon as I turn my book in, we should do cocktails!