Anatomy of a soon to be 50 year old

March 27th, 2008 Posted in Stef Ann Holm Blog by Stef Ann

So Jamie Leigh Curtis posed topless on the cover of this month’s AARP.  Well, supposedly topless.  From the angle of the shot, my guess is she was wearing a tube-top.  I emphatically told my hubby that she’d be topless on the inside to make her point that 50 is fine and dandy–and here, dear readers, have a gander at what it looks like.  The good, the bad, and the saggy.  Of course I was wrong.  No nudity-petuty Jamie Leigh.  Not that my heart was broken.  I can look in the mirror and see what 50 looks like.  In fact, here’s a sketch of the female body at “Nifty-50.” 


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one to bemoan my age.  It’s only a number.  Actually, aside from the hot flashes and a nasty headache once a month, I feel pretty good.  I exercise, eat sensible (but not when we’re at a nice restaurant!), don’t drink pop–bah it’s nasty, toned down my wine intake, gave up candy.  I never touch fast food.  And I don’t take drugs–thus my hot flashes.  I believe in prayer and letting God into your heart to bring peace.  I certainly falter, and when I do, I have an amazing husband who reminds me I am loved.

  1. Pam says:

    I am six months into my 50th year and while I also believe in prayer and trusting God… I think there are times when drugs are a necessity. Especially when I am having a migraine. It is supposed to get better but I am still waiting.

  2. Cindy says:

    Try Emerita Pro-Gest progesterone cream. I had a hysterectomy 3 years ago at age 45 and spent one year (and added 30 lbs.) with HRT. This natural cream took care of hot flashes, night sweats, and every other problem I was having with menopause. Six other ladies I work with use it also and we all swear by it.

    P.S. Stef Ann – I love your books. Keep it up.!

  3. Stef Ann says:


    I am with you on that one. Part of my side affects are a migraine once a month. I’ve got a killer one now and took an aspirin combo–but other than that, I don’t believe in drugs on a daily basis. Now, if I got cancer, of course I’d take the course of treatment. Other than that, it’s funny when I got to a doc and fill out a form and it says Drugs Taking and mine is blank. They think I forgot to fill it out. :-)

  4. Stef Ann says:


    Next time I’m at GNC I’ll look for it. But I have tried three different brands of the cream and they didn’t do nada. Even that stuff that everyone raves about–Arbonne.

  5. Cindy R says:

    Have you tried Vitamin E? That has worked for most everyone I know.

  6. Melissa K. says:

    Hi Stef,
    Breast cancer in ’98 threw me into early menopause. I suffer from terrible hot flashes and my doctor recommened Red Clover. It can be found at a health food store. 2 pills twice a day. It’s fantastic! Works like a charm! Please ask your doctor first though if it’s OK for you to try it. Good Luck!