The Beverage Fridge

July 27th, 2009 Posted in Stef Ann Holm Blog by Stef Ann

All my life, I’ve only had one refrigerator.  I am organized, I managed it.  Even when holidays came around, pre-made pies, fruit salads, etc., found a spot.  Beverages were put in an ice chest for the day and folks could help themselves.

Then I met my husband.  I inherited six refrigerators and one meat freezer.  In order, they are . . .

1 half-sized fridge built into in the kitchen poolhouse.  I never really new it existed until I smelled something out there and discovered one of the kids had put Popsicles in the fridge part rather than the freezer part and they melted.

1 full-sized side-by-side in the poolhouse.  Rarely anything in it.  We stocked it up with halibut and salmon once we had shipped home from Alaska.

1 full-sized side-by-side in the kitchen.  This is a big stainless monster.  I like it.  Serves me well.

1 sub-zero built-in in the kitchen.  This is a great fridge for misc. beverages, fruits and vegetables.  Everything stays crisp and cold.

1 mini fridge in the barn.  Typically this is unused accept for fishing bait.  Worms and junk are forgotten in here.  I long stopped going near it.

1 meat freezer in the garage.  The last of “Roast” and “Beef” our two cows we raised, are stored in here.  Along with a lamb we had butchered.  My husband’s many Schwann’s sugar-free Popsicles also reside in here.  This fridge is going to have to have a major clean out and organization due to the six lambs we currently have grazing in our pasture . . . and whose final home will be in this freezer.

1 full-sized side-by-side in the garage.  The Beverage Fridge.  I never thought I’d actually have a beverage fridge.  This one houses water, beer and pop.  I really don’t need it because I don’t drink beer or pop.  But I like water.  The freezer section is where I keep leftovers.  This fridge is on the fritz and not keeping things as cold as they should be.  But do I dare request another fridge?  I think one of the other fridges should be moved here and we get rid of one of the others.

Does anyone else have a beverage fridge?

  1. Maria says:

    This has me cracking up at work! You really need to incorporate this into one of your books. I live in an apt but my parents have ONLY 2 fridges in their house and one is used JUST for beverages. Water, wine, beer, and thanks to my wonderful and thoughtful father, everyone’s fav type of soda.

  2. Nancy says:

    SIX???????? Oh Man… I thought 3 was alot… I, too, have only had one most of my life. But got a new one earlier this year. I kept dry goods in the old one for a while (you should see the cubboard space( or rather,lack thereof) in this house! But a few months ago I had a (UGG) garage sale and sold my older one for $20 (I am no longer allowed to do anything but provide the items for garage sales… my sister almost clocked me when I started quoting prices for some rather expensive items… but I digress…) anyway the guy never came back with a truck for the refrigerator so it kept it’s place in the garage and now holds pots and pans, breadmaker, etc… I was also going to sell a bar refrigerator which I confiscated (it was a friend’s donation to the garage sale) and it now houses water, soft drinks, and beer…. it is a few steps from my office, where I seem to spend 18 hours a day, and in this 105 degree heat it’s seeing alot of use. How did I ever live with just one?

  3. Tarah says:

    wow, never knew this was odd. :)

    We have a side by side for the house, a side by side for drinks, frozen juice and cold beer/pop. we have a huge freezer to help hold some of the delicious meat you all pass over. ( ahemmmmm… It looks a bit bare.)

  4. Stef Ann says:

    Sheep will be going bye-bye shortly. Happy to reload ya.