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Lucy Gets Her Life Back

January 18th, 2013 Posted in Featured, Stef Ann Holm Blog by Stef Ann

I’m excited to announce that LUCY GETS HER LIFE BACK is now available in ebook! 


This book was so fun to revisit and read again. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the hero, Drew Tolman, and what a hunk he was/is! The story is about Lucy Carpenter, a single mom from Boise, and her two sons. They relocate to Red Duck, Idaho to begin a new life. Once in town, nothing seems to go right for Lucy–until she meets Drew. He’s a former baseball player who quit under the cloud of scandal–and he’s got his own past he’s trying to straighten out. I hope you’ll check out this book on Amazon. And soon to be available on Nook.

Red Duck, Idaho is based on Sun Valley, Idaho. Did you know that Sun Valley isn’t a “town” per se? Sun Valley is a resort, and if you blink, you’ll pass it. The town of Ketchum, Idaho is connected to Sun Valley and Ketchum is a wonderful place. Boardwalks, shops, and every year in October, the running of the sheep come to town.

Let me know what you think of Lucy and Drew!  I hope you share your thoughts on Amazon, Good Reads and BN. Happy reading!!!!

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