Stef Ann Holm

Stef Ann Holm was born in Southern California near Hollywood. With the fantasy worlds of Disneyland and Universal Studios at her doorstep, her imagination was stimulated at an early age. She attended Chatsworth High where Kevin Spacey, Mare Winningham and Val Kilmer entertained on the school's stage. As a semester elective, Stef Ann enrolled in drama and played a Fandango hostess in the chorus of Sweet Charity. It was the beginning and the end of her acting and singing career. She got a "C" in Drama and an "A" in Creative Writing.

She sold her first romance in 1987. While waiting for a load of laundry to complete at the laundromat, Stef Ann made up the name for her heroine, Camry, when she saw a Toyota Camry parked outside in the lot. Who knew that model would end up being so popular, making her in-depth research seem so shallow. Stef Ann has had twenty-four novels and one novella published. Her editor calls her contemporary romances, "Slices of life stories about real people."

Stef Ann lives in Boise, Idaho with her husband, extended family and her squirrel-crazy Yorkshire, Cocoa Puff.

Major Literary Accomplishments

Two time RITA finalist

USA Today Bestselling author

Waldenbooks Bestselling author

Washington Post Bestselling author

Recipient of the Reviewer's International Organization Award of Excellence for Best Contemporary Romance

National Reader's Choice Finalist in the Historical category

Romantic Times Book Reviews nominee for Career Achievement

Winner of the Romantic Times Book Reviews Storyteller of the Year award

Three time winner of the Emerald City Keeper Award # 3 Top Pick for Best Romance of the Year in 2002

Fast Facts

Yes, Stef Ann is my real name. My dad named me after his sister, Stephanie. As a little girl, I wished there was a personalized name plate for my tricycle, but no.

August 18.

Place of Birth:
SoCal and proud of it. What a great place to grow up back in the '60s and '70s. I didn't move to Boise, Idaho until I was thirty-three years old. I still can't find my way around, much to my husband's incredulous. But ask me if I can drive him to Disneyland from LAX in 30 minutes flat. Ahem!

Where I've lived:
I've only lived in three places. Los Angeles, Boise, and for a short two years, the Seattle, Washington area (1999-2000). I thought since rain is conducive to writing, I'd write several books a year. Wrong. The rain, mist and overcast got to me. I couldn't take it. I'm a sunshine and heat girl. I really struggle in the cold, gray Boise winters.

Where I'd like to visit:
Ask my husband and he'll say I'll go anywhere. It's true. I like to travel. I've been to Italy twice, Turkey, Greece, various states in the US. Hawaii and Mexico. I'd love to go to Germany one day. And I think England would be fun to explore. Of course any tropical beach.

I have Cocoa Puff, a four year old Yorkie who is squirrel obsessed. Although not pets, I live on five acres with a half-acre pond and we have wild critters who visit regularly. Raccoons, a fox, blue heron, belted Kingfisher, killdeer, geese, ducks, frogs, snakes, robins, mourning doves, owls, hawks, merganser drakes, widgeons, cormorants, and the occasional door-to-door solicitor.

Music I like:
My music tastes are always changing. I discovered Bob-FM in Boise. It plays songs from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Where I work-out, whenever a song comes on, I'm always the one who knows the group and title. My husband claims my mind is a waste-land of discography given I can't remember street names around here. He told me my brain is too cluttered with tunes from The Stray Cats or Wang Chung. What can I say . . . when I was nineteen, I worked at Wherehouse Records.

Right now, I'm reading only research books or my FAA study guide manual.

I don't watch much regular television as I have a short attention span. Shows I try and tune into are American Idol, Biggest Loser America's Got Talent, and dare I admit it, The Real Housewives (my favorites being Orange County and Atlanta.) I walk on the treadmill and have a DVD player to use so I've been watching series. I discovered DEXTER--grossly good. Mad Men is amazing. Breaking Bad--which is hands down, one of the best series I've ever watched. Where is Season 4?!

Movies: All time favorite is The Shawshank Redemption. Others I can watch multiple times: Murphy's Romance, The Long, Long Trailer, Titanic, Christmas Vacation, Some Like It Hot, Canary Row, Bandits, The Birdcage, The Big Lebowski and Fargo.

Stuff I like to do:
I love to cook and come up with new flavors and recipes. I'm not much of a baker anymore. My husband can bake me under the table with his rolls, biscuits and breads. And he makes a killer sugar cookie that I can't replicate even if I follow his recipe exactly. I like trying new wines. I actually like cleaning and organizing. Riding our ATVs on our property--around the barn and the pond and into the pasture. I enjoy riding my bike, walking my dog and being with my family.