The Time Has Come

Back in my day, it was a very special moment when you got old enough for your parents to buy you your first real wrist watch. In the 1970s, watches were all metal and had spring-like bands that stretched to slide onto your wrist. I recall many moments where a watch ripped out my arm hair. Those were the days of slogans like “Timex, takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’.”

Lady Buliva was like the end all of watches for ladies.

I’m starting my early online browsing for Christmas ideas and I was looking at watches for my daughters. They’re 19 and 21–never worn watches in their lives. I once asked them why. They said what for, the time is on our cell-phone face.

So I guess that ritual of passage, where a young lady gets a nice watch is now history. Sigh. They probably wouldn’t like a Bobby Sherman album under the tree either.

What’s In A Name?

So a while ago, I asked for title help for my work in progress. It had to start with ALL to tie in with the three books based around the Boise project–The Grove Marketplace. I submitted some of your favorite suggestions to my editor. None were accepted. I sent them to my agent, none were accepted. I started over and came up with a FABULOUS title . . .

Slow Dancing At The Blue Note

(My heroine runs a bar called the Blue Note.) Well, this title wasn’t accepted either. My editor loved it, but the other powers that be had concerns it was too long, as well as too women’s fiction. Me–I write for women so I loved it.

My agent and I brainstormed song titles for Jazz songs as this book has a foundation in Jazz music. We came up with All The Things You Are–just on a fluke that it started with ALL. I grew fond of it quite quickly. We submitted it. It got turned down, but a counter suggestion was made:


At this point, I said okay. I don’t like it as well as the other two, but it will work. And, it does start with ALL.

Thank you to everyone who offered your suggestions. You are greatly appreciated!

All That Matters Cover Buzz – Thanks Susan B.

I was looking to see if ALL THAT MATTERS is out anywhere, and I came up with a few links about the book.

I love this first one on Gather:

Click here for Susan B’s review.<


Message to Susan B. I’m not a Gather member so I can’t e-mail you–but if you want a to die for raspberry muffin recipe, hit me up in an e-mail.

Here’s a nice print ad if you want to print it on the color printer and take it to the bookstore.

Click for Print Ad.

I’m amazed at all the sites that have ALL THAT MATTERS listed . . .


So I’m remiss in letting everyone know sooner–but my November book is out. It was released via online bookstores a couple of weeks ago. ALL THAT MATTERS should be hitting the walk in stores any day, if not already. I hope you’ll watch for it. The cover depicts fall, with cozy colors. Also, the plot centers around a bakery, so pour a cup of coffee and get a donut. :-) Enjoy!

Have You Had Your Colonoscopy?

So I turned 50 in August, and like any good patient, I did as my doctor asked and went in that following week for my first colonoscopy. I won’t bore you with the details. Suffice to say–I ended up in the hospital x-ray room and had to finish things up that way.

My hubby i

s 52 and a cancer survivor. Did he get his colonoscopy when he turned 50? No. I told him I’d brave the way. Well, after my ordeal, I’m thinking he’s never going to do it. But kudos to him, he made the appointment. I was so drugged during mine, I was sleeping sitting up in a hospital waiting room. When asked by the check in desk, what was wrong with me, my dear husband told them I’m always like that. I sleep sitting up at movies, at dinner, he can park me anywhere and I just doze off. Hah hah. So as pay back during his procedure, I told him I was going to bring popcorn and an Icee to watch him get the ol’ “yeah whoo!” up the rear end.

The doc we had do both our procedures allows a spouse to go in the room with them. When it came time for my husband’s, I went in–but no chow to watch the show. But here’s the deal–he saw how looped I was on the drugs so he opted to go drug-less. That was a first for the nurse in charge. She wanted to give him oxegyn and the doc said, “He’s not using the juice.” Another nurse came in to watch. I think they were like, yeah right–he’ll be screaming like a baby.

Well, they don’t know my husband. He laughed and talked the entire time. He said it was a little uncomfortable, but tolerable. The whole thing was done within 10 to 15 minutes. No problems. He was clean as a whistle–pardon the pun. He got dressed and we left, the nurses baffled on how to release a patient without the juice. The desk nurse said–he can just walk out. There was no recovery room, no “post” scope instructions other than resume your daily activities.

Thirty minutes later, my sweetheart was eating ribs and happy as a clam.

The moral of the story is–get your colonoscopy. They really aren’t so awful. Unless you’re me. But I did it and that hospital procedure I had to do felt like . . . well . . . the picture says it all.

Hold Still And Say–OUCH

So, seriously, the DTAP shot (tetanus and whooping cough) I had to get the other day (routine) may not have been as big as this bad boy, but my arm is so sore, I can’t sleep at night. I wonder what’s in that thing to make your arm feel as if a UPS truck ran over it. If anyone knows, let me know. Ow.

Stop and Smell the Fall

This was my backyard at su

nrise this morning. The clouds were pink and orange. Just gorgeous over the pond with the weeping willows. The ducks were happy. How come my teeth clenched after taking the picture?

I know what fall means. Winter is coming. I hate winter.

Each fall, I rarely enjoy it becaue I know it’s only a few short months away from freezing days, dead lawns, and leaf-less trees. In spite of Thanksgiving and Christmas, I do not like this time of year. I am a sun goddess and need my heat and swimming pool. Winter gives me nothing but long days, dark mornings, freezing temps when I walk to get the mail, and snow. Ugh. I do not like snow.

Maybe I just need to bite the bullet and accept winter is coming. If I do, I can enjoy the beauty of fall. The red and yellow colors, the crispness in the air, the time for cozying up with a book. Baking. An applewood fire burning in the fireplace. I guess I need to embrace fall, but then turn my back on winter and count down the days until spring.

The blue herron doesn’t seem to have a problem with fall. This was him taking off with a frog for his breakfast.

Mom and Pop

When I moved to Boise in 1992, I was homesick for L.A. during the first ten years. Growing up in the Valley (San Fernando) was all I knew. I mean, honestly–Zuma beach, skiing at Mammoth, the river, great malls. I had it all. When my small town up here got its first Taco Bell it was like wow, hold the phone. I’ve seen big changes in Idaho and now I am happy that I’m an Idahoan. I’ve been here about 16 years.

The one thing that still makes me homesick is the fact I have zero family up here aside from my wonderful daughters. The rest of my clan is in L.A. A sister, my parents, cousins, etc. Until I married Greg, holidays up here were pretty meager–just the three of us girls.

It’s always nice when my parents can come up for a visit. They were here last week. At 75 and 86, they don’t drive up like they used to. Now they use a commercial airline. We had a nice time with them and it’s always good to see mom and pop.

Saying g’bye to the folks at the airport.

My dad knows anything there is to know about cars. He wanted to sit in my hubby’s ’69 Indianapolis Pace Car Camaro SS and pretend he was taking it for a lap around the speedway.

Where Am I?


Just for fun . . . where am I? I’m not in Boise anymore. To the first person who can tell me where I am, I’ll send an autographed copy of ALL THE RIGHT ANGLES.

Good luck!

The shoes were made for walking . . . and walkin’s what they’ll do . . .

So I walk two miles a day on our treadmill, Monday to Friday. I lift some weights, and do sit ups, too. We have an exercise room and sauna (of which I haven’t quite figured out how to use, but I should come winter when I’m cold.) I just bought my third pair of Asic tennis shoes. These are the gel Kayano’s. I wore the other two pairs out. One pair from doing yard work. I don’t really wear tennis shoes other than when I’m exercising or working in my planters.

To make the time pass, my hubby mounted a wall TV with a DVD player in it for me. My recent viewings have been:


The Tudors. I can’t rave enough about this series. I’m counting the days until December 30 when Season 2 is released. This series was good for about a 6 pound weight loss. I was enamored by the costumes, the dialogue, the story–even though we all know about Henry and his wives. The casting is excellent and I couldn’t wait to get out on the treadmill to see what was going to happen next.


The Thorn Birds. An oldy but goody. I watched this years ago on TV. Watching it now, as an adult . . . I couldn’t help almost thinking there was an icky feel to it. Father Ralph almost bordered on pervy when Meggie was a child. I may have only lost 1-2 pounds watching this mini-series.


Lost. Everyone has raved about this show to me so I decided to give it a try. The first five minutes hooked me. I may have only lost about 1 pound since starting this bad boy, but so far, so good. I’m on episode four. I’m wondering what’s in the forest. I’m guessing like a morphed dinosaur or something.

DVDs I stared, but failed to get into. James Michner’s Centennial. Another oldie that I remember loving on network TV. It felt too dated to me this time around. The Girls Next Door on my daughters’ big thumbs up. Two episodes and I felt like I was on a saccharin overdose. Honestly, those young girls can’t possibly think the Hef is such a stud.

Those of you who regularly follow my blog, will recall me trying to fit into that fabulous gold dress. I’m close(r), but no cigar. The cut of that Kay Unger is a bit teeny in the boobage area. I’m still trying. To date – 12 pounds lost. And watching “Lost” should motivate me to lose more. There’s like a bazillion episodes for me to watch that I still have to go through.

After Lost, I’m not sure what I’ll watch. Any suggestions? I heard House was pretty good.