Aloha and Mahalo

So we went to the Big Island to celebrate our one year anniversary. I’ve been to Maui, Kauai, and Oahu–so this was a new adventure. The island is very dry on the Kona Coast where we stayed, but we found lots to do. We arrived and it was late, so no time for checking out the prop

erty of the Four Seasons. The staff was fabulous and they upgraded us to a suite for our celebration! The room was gorgeous and they had two dozen red roses for us in a tropical arrangement. There was also the bouquet I’d had made for my hubby as a welcoming gift.


The next morning, we sat on the balcony and had this

amazing view. We fed the red birds that came looking for nibbles of the banana bread I baked and brought with.


That Sunday morning, we went to a church service on the beach and joined the Calvary Chapel. Pastor Izzy did a beautiful job delivering the Word from Samuel. From there, we had the best hamburgers ever. A gecko ran passed my plate! (We were eating outside.) This is us at the restaurant.


We walked around Kona, did a little shopping. We laid out at the hotel, had a good dinner, then Monday, we drove to Volcano National Park. The road was pretty tight and winding. All I can say is–thank goodness I don’t get motion sickness.


This is the site where the volcano is currently flowing lava. All you see is the gases coming out of this crater, but there is a lava tube that’s flowing into the ocean. We saw this quite well from our helicopter ride. The stuff that looks like steam is very harmful to you. It’s called VOG and unfortunately, if the tradewinds aren’t blowing, you breathe that stuff in.


Later that night, we enjoyed our anniversary dinner at the restaurant above on the Four Seasons property. We had a romantic sunset dinner.

The next day, we took a helicopter ride and saw the volcano from the air. Here’s part of the lava tube where you can see the red-hot lava. It was a once in a lifetime chance to see it. I loved that helicopter ride! My first time in one. I may take lessons just to learn how to fly one. I thought it was awesome.


We got to fly over Harrison Ford’s house, then our hotel.


Back on the ground, we took a photo with our pilot–Koji (I’m sure I’m not spelling that right–he was awesome!)


The next day we rented a Harley and drove up passed Waimea and to the lush coast. We had reservations to ride ATVs in the forest and go swimming in a waterfall.


This was, hands down, the dustiest ATV ride I have ever been on. On the ride up, on the motorcycle, I kept thinking the VOG was getting to me because I had a tight chest and sore throat. Yeah well . . . The next day I woke up sick. Nobody wants to go to paradise and have a sore throat. I slept most of the day. Friday–we were due to fly home around noon. My husband had to take me to the Waimea ER where they confirmed I had strep.

I’m home now and I’m still not feeling quite 100%. I’ll be so glad NOT to be sick anymore!

The Hawaii trip was fabulous and fun, packed full of lots of things. I love that about my hubby–he likes to get up and go, or relax by the pool. Me–I love to see new things and do all that there is to do while I’m on vacation. I don’t usually go for the R & R. But I do enjoy a good meal and a glass of wine at sunset. That was just heavenly.

Under the weather

I haven’t updated my blog in a while because I’ve been out of town–then got sick on the trip with strep. I’ve been hiding under the covers for days. As soon as I feel better, I’ll post photos of Hawaii. Truly lovely and a wonderful hotel.


I’ll bet a good dose of this would have cured me! I could have spooned my way to health.

Young@Heart (The Movie)

Every once in a while, I see a movie that just makes me smile and I think about it long after I’ve left the theater. Young@Heart is just that kind of movie. I found a review of it online and it sums it up better than I can.


“The film follows a chorus line of senior citizens (average age 80), rehearsing for one of their world tours. What makes the group different is the music they cover. Radiohead, Sonic Youth, Talking Heads, Coldplay etc.

Of course this is what makes it amusing, but it is also what makes it incredibly moving. It’s like hearing Johny Cash singing Hurt by Ten Inch Nails. You suddenly hear the words with a clarity and emotion that only someone who has truly lived can convey.

It’s worth adding that these guys have been doing it with an ever changing lineup since the early eighties, a good 15 years before Johnny Cash. It’s a great example of two things clashing together that shouldn’t work but does.

One of the standout moments is when they perform at a prison, where the general air is one of amusement and cynicism, only for the prisoners to end up in tears.

Another is one of the old guys singing “Fix You” by Coldplay, whilst hooked up to an oxygen tank. He dedicated the song to a group member who was supposed to duet with him but died a few days earlier.”

(Above text from The Hungry Head Files)

In any case, this movie (documentary) was fabulous. I urge you to find it in your local area and RUN see it! You’ll be glad you did.

To view the trailer, visit

What Are This Year’s Fashion Designers Thinking?!

So we’re going to the Kona Coast for our anniversary and I thought I’d buy some cute sun-dresses. I ventured into the mall today and was horrified at this year’s selection of “fashion.” What’s up with the geometric stuff? All the colors are hideous. Pin

ks, greens . . . gag me.


This dress is a walking bad trip on LSD.


This one is like wearing the freakin’ Botanical Gardens. What’s up with hu-mongi flowers on dresses right now? Petaled flowers the sizes of dinner plates in shocking orange and pink with kelly green leaves and stuff.

I guess I’ll have to try some boutique stores downtown. Or my old stand by, Neiman’s online. And I thought shopping for a bathing suit was torture. Oy.

Pomp and Circumstance

Well, she did it. Cocoa graduated puppy class with flying colors. She can sit, stay, leave it, down, off, walk by cats, shake, and do “push ups.” She met some new friends in class and it was a fun eight weeks.

Here’s the happy grad.


Just Ducky

Since we live on acreage with a half-acre pond, ducks call our home their home. This year, a mother duck decided to make her nest in our front planter. It’s been interesting to see her do this. I know nothing about Mallards, so if anyone can help me figure out her thought-process, I’d love to know what’s going on.


This is here, behind my wilting winter cabbage. She showed up last Wednesday, laid one egg, then disappeared with the father. The next morning, she was back. Laid two more egg, stuck around about an hour, then disappeared. Saturday, she laid two more, so now five. She covered them up with a lot of dirt, but disappeared the rest of the day.


She’s only sitting on the eggs about two hours a day. We’re having a cold spell in the mornings in the 30s. This doesn’t seem condusive to hatching ducklings to me. I thought a bird sat on her nest most of the time. This Mallard takes off after about 11:00am and I don’t see her until the next morning around 9:00am. If these ducklings do hatch, it’ll be pretty cool. I have a front row view from my office window.

Done, Finished, Finis! THE END

I mailed my completed 24th manuscript to my editor today. How many ways are there to celebrate?


I had a glass of wine and vacuumed the house. I’d say it was a real wild party.

I also have reason to celebrate. A while ago, I bemoaned the fact I was desperate to be able to hook my bra the “normal” way. But because of my rotator cuff surgery, it was a no go. I am happy to report . . .


. . . however, I have a long way to go. My mobility over my head is at 143 degrees and I fought for those last three. I think the standard measurement for everyone is 200 dgrees. In any case, I’ll take what progress I’ve made and will continue on. I go to physical therapy at BSU and, through the big gym windows, I watch the football players practice on the field. I can think of worse things to do while getting better.

The name of the book I just finished is ALL THAT MATTERS and it will be out November 2008. I hope you’ll watch for it. Thanks!



Every so often, mostly w

hen I’m procrastinating writing, I peruse the Ada County website arrest mugshots. Sadly, I have found people I know on those lists. Once, the VP of my daughter’s high school for DUI. Also, several school kids my daughters’ knew who have kind of run-amuck. People that I’ve had relationships with, as well as a former girlfriend’s daughter, has shown up, too. It’s rather interesting to view the photos of those arrested for DUI . . . the bloodshot eyes are a pretty dead giveaway that someone had more than “two beers.”

Aside from the local arrest pages, I’ve viewed the famous people mugshot photos on the web. Some are frightening. The Nick Nolte one. Oy. When I lived in L.A., he once wandered into a Denny’s in Calabasas wearing his pajamas during the breakfast hour. Bummer. I always liked him as an actor–Rich Man/Poor Man. And my all time fav, Canary Row.

I’m nearing the end of my book, I only have one chapter left to write. After that, I plan on reading some novels and not just arrest records.

Every dog will have her day

I guess the Cocoa Puff can’t be trusted home alone to roam the house. When asked–Molly the Beagle, said she wasn’t the Yorkie’s keeper.


Oh what fun it is to pick up an entire roll of shredded toilet paper. When I asked Cocoa about it–she pleaded the fifth.


What in the . . . ?!



What in the, Ah say, what in the Sam Hill’s going on here?! I woke up to THIS nightmare in my yard this morning.