Steady As She Goes

I wish I could report a dramatic weigh loss yesterday, but no. You’d think after walking 100 miles at Disneyland , I would have shed a million pounds. Maybe ’cause when I was walking I was eating fudge with Kayla. I didn’t get the chance to walk on my treadmill last week.

My deadline is hanging over my head this week so I don’t have much extra time. No excuse . . . but I can’t see putting in an hour walking when I can use that time to write 5 pages. We did walk the doggies last night for two miles so that should be good for something. Anyway, I’m maintaining at 9 pounds lost–which is better, I guess, than reporting a gain.

The Happiest Place On Earth

My daughters were born two years apart, to the day, 19 and 21 years ago. Having been born in California, they had a love for Disneyland at an early age. Unfortunately, we moved to Boise when they were three and five. But that hasn’t stopped us from visiting the happiest place on earth

at least once a year.</p>

This was them at ages five and three, our last trip to Disney before we moved. Whitney had already been to Disney three times by this time, and this was Kayla’s second trip. Neither have ever shown fear at a single ride. Both begged to go on everything. It was a huge day when Kayla could go on Indiana Jones. She loved it.


I think it’s funny how Whitney, two years older, was taller as a kid, and now Kayla towers over her by four inches. This was taken last week when we went to Walt’s magical park for the fifth straight year of doing a mother-daughter trek. For the first time, in like our twenty-fifth visit, we finally stayed at the Disneyland Hotel. Well worth it.


Each year, we turn geeky and dress alike. This year we picked some pink Tink shirts and some white Minnie’s.


A couple of times, people called us triplets. LOL. We didn’t care. And I think it’s cool that my daughters are okay with their Momma and them being matching. We walk around all holding hands. It was nice to pal with my girls.

Stef’s Favorites in Disneyland – Indiana Jones, Space Mountain and Splash Mountain

Whitney’s Favorites in Disneyland – Indiana Jones, Splash Mountain, Space Mountain

Kayla’s Favorites in Disneyland – Indiana Jones, Splash Mountain, Space Mountain

Stef’s Favorites in Calfornia Adventureland – Tower of Terror, California Screamin’, Soaring over California

Whitney’s Favorites in California Adventureland – Soarin’ Over California, Tower of Terror, California Screamin’

Kayla’s Favorites in California Adventureland – Tower of Terror, California Screamin’, Soarin’ over California

The only bummer this time around was, my oldest daughter got strep throat on the trip. But we managed to forge ahead, and thankfully, she made it through the last day. But coming home, she was really, really, really sick.

Also a nice bonus was being able to visit my parents. They still live in Cali and we met them for lunch. Good times! Hopefully we can do it again next year.

Anatomy of a soon to be 50 year old

So Jamie Leigh Curtis posed topless on the cover of this month’s AARP. Well, supposedly topless. From the angle of the shot, my guess is she was wearing a tube-top. I emphatically told my hubby that she’d be topless on the inside to make her point that 50 is fine and dandy–and here, dear readers, have a gander at what it looks like. The good, the bad, and the saggy. Of course I was wrong. No nudity-petuty Jamie Leigh. Not that my heart was broken. I can look in the mirror and see what 50 looks like. In fact, here’s a sketch of the female body at “Nifty-50.”


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one to bemoan my age. It’s only a number. Actually, aside from the hot flashes and a nasty headache once a month, I feel pretty good. I exercise, eat sensible (but not when we’re at a nice restaurant!), don’t drink pop–bah it’s nasty, toned down my wine intake, gave up candy. I never touch fast food. And I don’t take drugs–thus my hot flashes. I believe in prayer and letting God into your heart to bring peace. I certainly falter, and when I do, I have an amazing husband who reminds me I am loved.

How much is that doggy in the window?

So I came home today to a crime scene in my home.


Exhibit A. The 2 suspects. But I already know the Beagle is innocent.

Long story . . . but if my car had been fixed right, I wouldn’t have had to turn back to the Mercedes dealership (service light came on again on the way home from having the less than a year old car supposedly fixed!) and be delayed into the doggy dinner time hour.


Exhibit B. The evidence. Cocoa Puff, the Yorkie, loves my husband’s Janet Evanovich book that I bought for him. She ate the cover off of Three To Get Deadly, got scolded, and we thought that was the end of it. Silly me. I left the book out on the coffee table when I went to pick up my car.


Exhibit C. No dog chow, I’ll eat paper chow. There’s nothing left of the book. It was EVERYWHERE.



I shooed the offender outside with a stern reprimand. You’d think she would have cowered and said, “Sorry, Mom.” But no. She decided to do her new thing–walk across the pool cover and play in the water.


At least she looks a bit remorseful when I called her over. Either that, or she’s mugging for Yorkie of the Year in acting.


The Sunday Weigh In On Monday

Go figure . . . I’m down nine pounds. Easter brunch must have evaporated in my stomach. In any case, I kept thinking something was wrong with the scale when I read the number. The battery did go out so I thought–ah-ha, that’s the problem. But the new battery confirmed.

9 pounds lost to date since I started this challenge. I’m probably at the halfway point so it’s an uphill battle. Eating out is killer. I did give up a glass of wine with dinner during the week.

In light of the fact I watch fat grams and not carbs, I thought this cartoon was funny.


I don’t get Costco

I went to Costco today to buy my friend a birthday gift. I knew I’d get a good price on it–so the store gets big time kudos as having some fabulous prices. Plus the clerks are all very nice. But as I rolled my cart into the check out with only a handful of items, I glanced at

carts overflowing with stuff and I wondered–what am I missing? I just don’t see the excitement of going nuts at Costco.


Mind you, I’m not dissing the place. I do shop there on occasion, but I never overdose on stuff. I don’t need 1,000 tablets of Ibuprofen. It would take me a decade to go through that, and by then, it would be expired.


I most def don’t want the body scale that moniters my every move. “STEP AWAY FROM THE CHEESECAKE, YOU FAT-SO.”


The 13 pound chub of parmesaen? It would be growing green fur long before I ate 1 pound of it.


I did notice something on Costco’s online store that I could use in the event of my untimely demise. I picked out the Argos Cherry wood casket, but would insist on the expedited delivery. I don’t want to start smelling gamey before they put me in the ground.


Costco is a great place for stocking up . . . I just wish I had a need to load up on five heads of lettuce in a shrink wrap pack . . . I like salad–but not that much.

Play Ball! It’s Hot and Sunny–Happy days are here again.

One of the benefits of my husband’s job is that he travels and gets to plan some pretty interesting trips. We just got back from Scottsdale, Arizona where we took a customer and his wife to some Spring Training games for the Chicago Cubs. We met up with two other couples in the same b

usiness and we had a wonderful time. It helps that I enjoy baseball. I’ve lost touch with really following it over the years–seems like deadlines prevent me from watching the October classic. But I recognized some of the players names and it was fabulous sitting in the Arizona sun,

eating a baseball hotdog and listening to the beer vendors hawk their brewskis.


On day two, I opted to stay poolside and let the fellas go to the ballgame so I could work. The weather was amazing. I sat in my bathing suit and wrote Chapter 16. So when you read it, you can picture me here.


I had Greg take my picture by FLOWERS. You don’t realize how much you miss the color and fragrance of flowers until you go somewhere and they’re in bloom. The lilacs were pretty, the grounds at our hotel (The Kierland Westin) were amazing. I’d definitely go back. In fact, we will. We figure out it would take approximately four hours in our airplane. My bags are packed!


On the weigh in front . . . I actually lost a pound on vacation. Go figure. I also cut 4″ off my hair just before the trip.

P.S. And I did not leave the alarm set at the crap of dawn for the next patron like somebody previously in our room. I wanted to kill the culprit. Grr.

Alarm Clock Maniacs

Okay, you know who you are, and I’m not happy with you. To all those people who leave the alarm clock turned ON in a hotel room for the next patron to wake up at say . . . 6:00am–shame on you! Grr!!!!!!!!

Evolution of the diet chicken meal

I don’t know why I buy those lean frozen diet meals. I don’t like them. They stink my microwave up like vomit. I’m not picking on any brand, but they all taste really icky. I guess I throw a few in my grocery cart for the convenience. After eating my lunch today, I kno

w why these meals are called “lean” meals. Simply put: I can’t eat the whole thing because the taste kills my appetite.


I managed to choke down most of the above for lunch, but was wondering how the chicken got so rubbery. I figure out the parts of a chicken used in these meals has to come from the top of the chicken’s calf.


From there, it’s processed and packed, turned out on to small trays in either recognizable forms or . . . not. Take the chicken hotdog. Low in fat. Questionable in content, but wrapped around wheat bread to present a lean lunch offering.


Or, in some cases, this part of the chicken is also best used to feed hearty appetites.


I think it’s safe to say, that if I continue on my diet plan eating lean meals, I will have to, at the very least, lose a pound a week. Or go completely nuts and dive into the boxes of Girl Scout cookies in my garage.

Chinese, Italian and Mexican–OH MY!

So after eating from theses three countries in three subsecquent days, me thinks I will stick with the two pound loss on Friday and call it good. I went to weigh in on the scale, and that rascal put his arm out and said–”Don’t hurt me!”


On my behalf, I did walk on the treadmill every day and lift my weights.

Is anyone watching Oprah’s Big Give? I caught it last Sunday night and thought it was an interesting concept. At Christmastime, I did a “mini’give”–I paid for someone’s toys at Toys R Us and that was really neat to see the family’s appreciation. In fact–I ran into the guy at physical therapy. He told me he started going to church and was thanking God for his blessings. Way cool!