Are You Calling For Ariel?

So when we were at Disneyland, we wanted to make a lunch reservation at Ariel’s Grotto in California Adventure Land. Me–I have a great head for phone numbers. I memorize them. But with the invention of cell phones and telephones where you simply hit one number and your party is

dialed, my phone number memory has been dimming.

When we were at Disney, I could have sworn I saw the reservation number as a 1-800 number. I told my husband–call and set us up for a 1:30 lunch.

We’re walking on the boardwalk past the roller coaster and he laughs and says

he’s connected to an adult hotline. He’s a big jokester and I figured he was messing with me. Then he handed me the phone. No kidding. It was a recording for hot babes and how to hook up. I realized it wasn’t an 800 number after all . . . rather, he should have dialed 714 (the Anaheim area code) then the number I gave him–which had D-I-N-E as the last four numbers.

It sucks getting old and senile. But maybe there was an Ariel on the hotline . . .


Hi Ho, To Disneyland We Go

So my daughters and I made our anual trip to Disneyland again. This year we didn’t go for their birthdays in April, rather, we took a later in the year trip and combined a visit with my aunt and uncle in Arizona, then a stay with my folks in L.A., and finally onto Anaheim where my husband

and stepdaughters met us and we all enjoyed the weekend together. This was a particularly good trip for me. I miss my family and it was nice to see my aunt and uncle in Arizona. My daughters and I flew into Phoenix then rented a car and drove south to their home.

This is my Auntie Margaret.


She’s my mom’s sister. And that’s my Uncle Phil. I grew up with my aunt sometimes babysitting me and my sister and she was the funny aunt. I’ll never forget when she told me and my sister to eat our dinner. She said she wanted us to eat every bite of meat and potatoes–and pea on our plates. Well, of course we thought she was kidding around and wanted us to “pee” on our plates.

We left Arizona and flew to LAX and drove to my parents house in the Valley. Stayed there and had a great time. We paid my sister and neice a visit. She’s getting so big and she’s very outgoing and sweet! She wants to be Snow White for Halloween.

I also got to visit my cousin and her husband and son in Burbank. The next day, I drove me, my daughters and mom and dad to Redondo Beach and we saw my Aunt Geri. She was also the fun aunt when I was growing up. She was/is a great cook and she’d set the table so nice. Us kids even got candles on ours. She had three boys–all of which were crack ups to my sister and I.

As always, it was sooooo nice to be on a BEACH and sink my toes into the sand. My daughters and I stood on the pier in Redondo Beach and just enjoyed the fabulous weather!


The two days we spent at Disneyland were in the mid-80s–my kind of weather! We really had a great time! Here’s a family photo of me, my husband, my stepdaughters and my daughters. The glasses are made for 4-D and we’re in line for the Toy Story ride.

toy story

What Next? Charging By The Pound?

I have just been set up by the airlines. I clicked PURCHASE on the so-so cost of some nonstop tickets–only to find out that that’s not all folks. What is going on here? I’m on three carriers and only Southwest is kind to me. They are the only ones not charging for

bags. You go, guys! I might as well name names–US Air is charging $25.00 a bag. United is charging $25.00 a bag. This on top of the ticket price. Am I the only one outraged? What’s next–will each ticket price depend on how much we weigh? Our bags weigh? $1.00 per pound of luggage and $1.00 a pound of person?


And what about the lousy meals we used to get? At least it was a hot breakfast to tide you over until you landed. Now you’re lucky to get a peanut and a water. Next up will be a charge for the peanuts.

I’m not really a complainer–trust me. I love to travel and we do so frequently. I have flown once a month this year, if not twice a month. I don’t normally make my own reservations, my husband does and I have the pleasure of going along for the ride. But this trip was a rude awakening for me. It’s very sad we have become so charge happy. I don’t charge more for my books if I think they turned out better than the last one.

If the airlines feel compelled to charge for luggage–just include it in my ticket price. I don’t want to get stiffed for more money when I’m checking in. That’s just not right.

And that’s my soap box of the day. I don’t normally whine like this, but I think it’s unfair.

Don’t Shoot–I’m Related To Bambi

So Saturday morning, I wake up, am half-asleep in the bathroom and I hear gunshots. I bolt into the living room, ask my husband–what is that?! Calmly over coffee and the newspaper he says it’s hunting season–day 1. He wonders why I’m so worked up over it. I expla

in, in L.A.–you hear gunshots and it’s not animals that are being hunting. The 7/11 has been robbed or someone’s after someone. Soon you’ll hear the helicopters flying over the valley in pursuit.

The ducks on our pond were unusually chatty yesterday. About 100 mallards were swimming and quaking, clearly shook up. Probably the shot heard through the Boise area was their buddy down by the river. I don’t like hunting. Never have. Never will. I buy my meat in from the butcher block and that’s worked for me for years.


We ended up taking a drive into the mountains yesterday and we found this little lady wandering among the leaves, muching on branches. I thought it was a deer. My husband told me it was a cow elk. What do I know? I just thought she was cute.

Help, Get Me Out Of Here

So not too long ago, we flew to an airshow in Ontario, OR. It was a great honor to have a WWII pilot command our Cessna–he’s a dear friend of my husband’s. All was well and good until it was time to leave and fly back to the Boise area. We loved

the planes, the show, it was fabulous meeting our WWII friend’s friends who fought in the big one. Listening to their stories was humbling. The aerobatics of the planes was great, too! Anyway, time to pack up and head home (early as we had a family BBQ to attend) . . . and we find out the airport is closed. The FAA closed it due to the show. So here we are in Ontario and Boise is a good hour drive away. What do we do?

My husband called a cab to drive us back to our hangar. Seems like a reasonable solution. The temp this particular day was in the high 90s. Normally, my kind of weather. But without AC it can get a little uh . . . hot. Anyway, this taxi comes rolling into the entrance of the airport and I’m thinking–please no. This can’t be for us.


But it was for us. A 1958 Checker cab with bullet holes in the windshield and no air conditioning. Tentatively, we all got in. Windows down, we barrelled over the freeway as the tires shake, rattled and rolled. An hour later, we were back at our hangar . . . I could resist taking a photo of the cab. Nobody would believe me if I didn’t!

October Contest–Oops, My Bad

Okay, so I messed up and accidentally erased the October Contest. I’ve been able to re-enter many names, but not all. Please take a look and make sure you’re still in the Contest!

The Idaho Food Bank

For the past couple of years, my husband and I have attended the Chef’s Affaire, a charity evening to raise money for the Idaho Food Bank. It’s a great time to see friends, enjoy yummy tasting food and wine, and give back to the community. Plus, we dress up and it’s always fun to step out in a cocktail dress with my handsome husband on my arm.


So this year, when economic times are difficult for some folks, please think about contacting your local food bank and seeing how you can help. Thanks!

Call Me Howard


About a month ago, we took an end of the summer vacation


p>to the Oregon Coast. On the drive back to Portland, we stopped at aeronautical museum, that to all of our surprise,was fabulous. There were P-51s, B-17s (I think that’s what they were called.) We got to go inside a WWII fighter plane and see where the gunner sat down below in a tiny glass space. I would have been claustrophobic. Many of the docents at the museum were WWII veterans and they explained the aircrafts. All interesting–even to my step-daughters in the 5th and 8th grades. But the highlight of the Evergreen Air Museum was when we got to the Spruce Goose. Unbelievable.

I grew up in L.A. and I’d heard about the Goose at the Queen Mary. Never got to see it. Now I had the chance to GO IN IT. We did and we were given a fantastic tour with lots of good information. And the best part–they let us go into the cockpit. My husband sat in Howard’s chair, and we took this photo. That’s not Greg’s hat–rather, a prop. But it sure did look like a hat Howard Hughes would have worn!

For those of you who follow my blog, you know my husband is a pilot (not by profession.) But he loves airplanes. So this was a big thrill for him, and for all of us. A very grand time indeed!

Has anyone else ever visited a museum that ended up being better than they expected?