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Pink Moon

August 2013  |  eBook version  |  © Stef Ann Holm

Single-mom, Lauren Jessup, pins all her hopes for a new life on a postcard she’s seen of Bella Luna. Following her heart, she brings her six-year-old son with her to start over. Her dream of becoming a chef are far-reaching, but she won’t give up. Getting a job as a waitress seems like a good place to launch.

Her regulars include Nick DiMartino, a man who has his own past he’d like to forget. He’s in the midst of an emotional tug-of-war to retain custody of his son, a position he never thought he’d be in after his ex-wife chose a job in L.A. and left them. For Nick, Bella Luna is home. It’s where his family is, it’s where his son belongs.

As Lauren and Nick get to know one another, their relationship is tested. Nick’s troubles and Lauren’s inability to stay in one place, threaten to end things before they can really begin. But in Bella Luna, under the magic of the pink moon, even the impossible is possible if you believe.

Lucy Gets Her Life Back

January 2013  |  eBook version  |  © Stef Ann Holm

Newly single, Lucy is determined to carve out a life for herself and her two sons by cooking for the elite clientele who frequent the nearby resorts. But fitting into Red Duck is harder than it looks, and Lucy soon discovers she needs somebody with the connections to help her. The trouble is, the one man who can turn things around for her, is the one man she should steer clear of. And while she's coming up with must-do lists, straightening out her troubled teenaged son is vying for the number one spot.

Ex-Major League baseball player, Drew Tolman, has left his career behind him in tatters and has taken shelter in Red Duck, too. With rumors and scandal still dogging him, the term "role model," doesn't leap to mind. More good-looking than any man has a right to be, he's the local celebrity and town heartthrob. As he fights to undo the wreckage of his past with a daughter he's never had a relationship with, his attraction to Lucy heats up like something steamy and delectable form her kitchen.

But can Lucy cook up real happiness with Drew without losing her hard won independence? More importantly, is she willing to risk her heart to find it?

Girls Night

October 2012  |  eBook version  |  © Stef Ann Holm

A girls’ night out is exactly what Jillene McDermott needs after her carefully planned life on a small Washington island, goes adrift. Suddenly responsible for her late husband’s failing coffee shop, Jillene’s single-minded determination to save her family from impeding disaster is complicated when her two mischievous daughters take matters--and their mother’s happiness--into their own hands.

True crime writer and Blue Heron Beach’s favorite son, Vince Tremoni, comes home to contemplate the gloomy forecast of his writing career--which took a tragic and unexpected turn thanks to a fan-turned-serial killer. Now, with his future on hold, the last thing he needs is a beautiful widow complicating his thoughts and reminding him that there’s more to life than his flagging career.

But when Jillene and Vince find themselves tangled up in an unplanned summer fling, can either of them deny there’s more to what they’re feeling than a casual affair? Suddenly coffee’s not the only thing heating up at Blue Heron Beach!

All That You Are

October 2009  |  HQN Books, 978-0-373-77403-6

Single mom Danalee Jackson owns the Blue Note-an Alaskan bar offering nightly jazz, and with a cocktail of regulars who have an opinion about everything. Between dealing with her son's dad, a failing float-plane business and her bar's code violations, Dana has no time for romance.

Mark Moretti is burned-out after finishing his father's legacy project, the multimillion-dollar Grove Marketplace in downtown Boise. He's ready for a break from the family construction business-maybe for good. And a summerlong fishing trip looks like just the ticket.

When a canceled flight leaves Mark stranded in Ketchikan, he finds himself at the Blue Note. One look at the exotically beautiful Dana and he decides to stay in town. But her fierce independence not only could jeopardize Mark's help with renovations-it could also bring their mutual attraction to a screeching halt.

All That Matters

November 2008  |  HQN Books, 0-373-77313-8

When a megastore grocery chain threatens to shut down the new boutique baker Chloe Lawson's worked so hard to establish, she's furious. Her life may not be picture-perfect, but her custom cakes and pastries are becoming the talk of Boise, and she'd like to keep it that way.

Chloe needs a champion, and handsom, widowed John Moretti turns out to be it. A high-powered lawyer whose two rebellious teenagers are the only people he doesn't seem able to impress, John is shocked to find himself fighting for Chloe's little cause, much less falling for her. But once he samples her home-baked charms, he's hooked—and determined to make her a permanent part of his family.

All the Right Angles

October 2007  |  HQN Books, 0-373-77186-8

Architect Francesca Moretti has always been taught to aim high, work hard and finish what you start. So when it falls to her—the baby of the family and only daughter—to head up the family construction business and see a high-profile project through to completion, there is no question of bailing out.

Still it won't prove easy. Construction is a guys' game—Franci will have to prove she's just as comfortable in steel-toed work boots as in peep-toe heels. To make matters worse, the financing company has sent a glorified babysitter to oversee the project: nitpicking workaholic Kyle Jagger.

The human watchdog is constantly looking over Franci's shoulder...and not always at the blueprints. And Franci's getting the distinct impression that Kyle is interested in a little more than just the bottom line.

Lucy Gets Her Life Back

October 2006  |  MIRA, 0-7783-2344-7

Red Duck, Idaho, may be just a speck on the map, but it's perfect for a hardworking single mom looking for a good place to start over. Arriving with recipes, ambition, a slient prayer and two teenage boys, Lucy Carpenter is ready to cook her way into the hearts and wallets of celebrities who frequent the nearby ski resort and watering holes.

But she needs somebody to put the word out—and that somebody is Drew Tolman, former pro baseball player turned local big shot. She's heard the rumors—scandal, women and more—but he's the man Lucy needs on her side. It takes a little effort and a lot of decadence—in the kithcen—but word of Lucy's culinary talents spreads like melting chocolate.

Soon everyone's got Lucy's number, but her best caller is Drew. He's eager to convince the deliciously tempting Lucy that she's the dessert he's been saving room for...

Leaving Normal

October 2005  |  MIRA, 0-7783-2222-X

With the ink dry on her divorce papers, Natalie Goodwin feels life is running just the way she wants it. Her new flower shop is set for its grand opening, and her daughter is enjoying her first semester in college. The house is clean, the bills are paid and cooking dinner every night is now an option. Natalie admits she's just a teeny bit lonely, but recent dating experiences have left her convinced that Mr. Right does not live in Boise, Idaho.

But life has a big surprise for Natalie and he lives right across the street! Never in her wildest dreams did she think she could fall for a man nine years her junior, but then she has never met a man like firefighter Tony Cruz. Now the sparks are flying, but will they light Natalie's fire...or land her newfound independence in hot water?

Pink Moon

October 2004  |  MIRA, 0-7783-2086-3

The California coastal town of Bella Luna is named for its romantic beauty and spectacular moon. People here know that when a pink moon appears, something unexpected happens...

When single mom Lauren Jessup sees a picture of Bella Luna on a postcard, a strange feeling overcomes her. And she decides on the spot to move with her six-year-old son to the small town. Did she pick Bella Luna, or did it pick her?

Lauren soon realizes she's not cut out for the waitressing job she takes, but she's a good listener, and regular customer Nick DiMartino needs a sympathetic ear: his ex-wife has come back to claim their son. Lauren begins to believe that she's found a real home here, even if staying means opening her heart to Nick, whose troubles threaten to end what has barely begun. But here in Bella Luna, under the magic of a pink moon, people soon learn to expect the unexpected.


October 2003  |  MIRA, 1-55166-730-4

As a deputy in Majestic, Colorado, Lanie Prescott doesn't see enough action issuing parking tickets, so she decides to accept a law-enforcement job elsewhere. On the night of her going-away party, the job offer is postponed, and Lanie is stuck in her hometown—unemployed.

Maintaining a brave face is hard—especially when she meets her replacement. He's tall, he's gorgeous and her heart beats so fast she should be arrested for imagining all the ways she could use her handcuffs. Paul Cabrera left the Miami P.D. to distance himself from an old case that haunts him to this day. But his pursuit of a quiet life is hardly that with the sexy Lanie living next door.

When a summer crime wave hits the small town, Lanie is back on the force, and what began as an arresting attraction between Paul and Lanie turns into an internal affair of the heart. Suddenly, life in Majestic isn't so bad after all.

Girls Night

October 2002  |  MIRA, 1-55166-949-8

All Jillene McDermott needs is a little breathing room, and the only place she can find it is in the bathtub. Her coffee bar, Java the Hut, is on life support, and raising two daughters alone is a full time job, so quiet moments in the tub are a rare treat.

Knowing their mom deserves some happiness, Jillene's daughters, Claire and Faye, write her a personal ad. But their good intentions go wrong and Vince Tremonti, the town's most famous son, has to step in as Jillene's "boyfriend".

Vince is a crime writer who is back in Blue Heron Beach to rethink the grim reality of his career, and he can't afford to get involved with anyone, much less a young widow with a ready-made family.

But thrown together, the two can't deny the mutual attraction and they realize there is more between them than a summer fling. Suddenly, lakes are not the only thing steaming in Blue Heron Beach.

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